want to create a life you love?

you better be in it to win it.


strengthen your intuition to succeed with ease.

During my career as a pro-athlete I learned what it takes to win. I also learned a few things the hard way: strength is only one piece of the puzzle, 'winning' is relative, and standing on the podium will only feel good if you’ve enjoyed the process. Now I know it’s the same for ‘life’ too. You want to succeed?

<< Mindset, Meditation & Magic are key >>


Here’s How I can help:

the book

Zoe is flailing in her in her career as a professional surfer, as well as in her relationship with Derek. She’s ready for change, but how? And what? - It’s time for a magical journey out of the darkness and into the light, in surfing and in life.

coaching sessions

Everything you experience is a chain of connected information, all pointing you in the 'right' direction - but sometimes we’re too ‘in it’ to see the path. Let’s turn confusion into clarity as we put some of those (seemingly) scattered pieces of your puzzle together.

keynote speaking/workshops

Fun for a group of friends, a corporate event, or a retreat, Breakfast With Tiffany™ is a friendly gathering that will help you heal your past and enjoy the present as you learn Tiff's simple strategy for creating a life you love; Follow The Feelgood®. 



It's true. There's always an answer that will make not only your life better, but also the lives of anyone who may be affected by that answer. Unfortunately, society has trained us to believe the opposite - that when we're honest about what we want it'll hurt the people we love. So instead of honoring our Selves we hide our true feelings in order to protect them. This kind of mindset is insanely backwards and my goal is to liberate you from it. No more operating out of guilt, fear, worry, and obligation. No more misery! That's not love ~ but I'll show you what LOVE is. 




Sometimes, the best way to know what to do - is to listen to what your body is telling you. Get all the answers you need with my new printable guide: The Top 10 Ways To Make ANY Decision With Ease. It's simple. It's effective. It's FREE!