Ooh this is a biggie, and you are so NOT alone in the department of heartbreak.

It sucks to go through it. I should know. My fiancé up and left me for another woman after 7 years! 

(You can read about it here)

But you've got to recover.

You've got to let go and move on in order to love again.

And I know you WANT to love more deeply than ever before. That's why you're here. Plus, ending up an old lady with 100 cats is not an option. 

Whether you're in a relationship at the moment or not, there is always room for growth. Take care of you, and you'll joyfully witness the effect it has on everyone around you.  


For starters, try to change your mind about what it means to experience heartbreak. Instead of seeing it as unnecessary drama, think of it as a ritual...a rite of opportunity to up your spiritual game in the name of forgiveness! (Lol, I felt like a preacher just then ;)

Get what you came for and watch the vid. It'll help give you a new that feels better. I promise.

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