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June 27, 2019 2 min read


Unfortunately, we often can't see, hear, or feel their presence because we're too distracted with life to stop and pay attention to them. 



🐘 Are you ready to hear your angels? 🐘

They speak to us in very common ways, but the trick is to trust (rather than discount) their vocal modes of communication. 📣 

In order to hear the angels, you have to trust the messages they're sending you in the most obvious of ways: lyrics in a song, a phone call from a friend, peaceful silence.

Don't discount what feels like a message! You'll know it's them because of how you feel - lighter, clearer, and more at ease. 

If fear and/or negative thoughts ever get in the way, take a note from one of the verse's of my guided meditation THE 4 MINUTE FEELGOOD PICK-ME-UP:


Listen to the angels 📢

Can you hear 💬 what they say?

Will you do as they ask?

Let them lead the way? 🌼 


Watch the vid now.


Work hard today by paying attention to your inner angel. Your thoughts will continuously try to block you from hearing her, so you have to practice diligently.

Pause and reflect. Pause and reflect...

Keep working on it all day every day! 

Watch part 2 of the series HERE

xo Tiff

P.S. One more thing!

You might be surprised to hear that YOU have the ability to be fluent in your communication with the angels. It's not just for the gifted or psychic or crazy...I swear! Imagine feeling clear and confident - and grounded - in every aspect of your life because you know that with constant contact with the angels, you're always on the right path.  

If this is something that excites you, awesome!

And if you want more in depth info on the angels, you can click here to check out my book  'Surfer Girls Kick Ass.

Aside from being a great beach read - a fun and helpful book I wrote to help you out of your head and into your heart - it's also a great intro in understanding who they are, and how to start developing your connection with them today. 

It’s been called ‘the eat pray love for surfers’ - so if you liked that, you’ll like this too.

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