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April 24, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment


Do you like to 'feel' out the answer to a problem? Or do you think that's crazy?

Personally, I love all the feels! 'Getting out of my head and into my heart' is the best.

But I also know how easy it is to ignore your intuition when it comes to making 'important' decisions - like quitting your job, for example.

And while I'm not saying not to think things through sensibly, I am saying to do it a little bit less.

That's why I'm chatting for a couple of minutes today on what it means to be pausitive, a lovely lil' word Kenny baby (my bf) came up with in a moment of post-surf bliss 🏄 while we were in Nicaragua last year.

BE PAUSITIVE = pause before saying 'yes' to anything.


If guilt or obligation or fear ever gets in the way, take a note from one of the verse's of my guided meditation THE 9 MINUTE FEELGOOD PICK-ME-UP:


You were born 🐾  to feel good

Know every day drama free 🗝

Live your life 🏹  so on point

Others can't help but see 👀 !


Keep working on it all day every day! 

Pause. Pause. And Keep On Pausin' On...


P.S. Watch part 2 of the series HERE


Download and print this helpful guide: 10 WAYS TO MAKE ANY DECISION WITH EASE

Print it out and put on your fridge (or somewhere it'll catch your attention on a regular basis).

Our bodies are constantly giving us signs and signals, but we're often way too distracted by our incessant thoughts to stop and pay any attention to them.

Consider this guide a personal request from your higher Self, asking you to listen!

Reflect on it as much as you can, and before you know it you'll be highly attuned to the subtle messages of your body. Trust how you feel, and let those feelings be your guide.

The beauty of the list is in its simplicity. Apply it to any decision you need to make. 

Whether it's a simple choice between an evening out or a quiet night in, or a more challenging one, like; 'is he the one?' -- this guide works! It (your body) doesn't discriminate over the type of decision you need to make, so no matter what don't disregard it!!


Please give it a try, then message me on instagram and let me know how it goes!

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Thurman Testerman
Thurman Testerman

July 16, 2019

Hey, surfergirlskickass!

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