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Short answer: Yes.Long answer: If you're already in therapy and find it helpful, I suggest experiencing both and then decide for yourself. Traditional therapy is more 'intellectually' based, while my spiritual guidance is more 'heart-centered' and emotionally based.Because the nature of spiritual counseling (esp. with the angels) is heart-centered, it can release many many layers of old 'stuff' (guilt, hurt, pain etc.) which will heal you on a very deep level and bring you closer to the awareness of your true Self. It's the deepest, most profound work you can do (*in my opinion, lol).

Angels are pure beings of divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you in every aspect of your life.They are messengers of God, and since God is our Source of pure, all-encompassing love - they too love everyone unconditionally.There is nothing you have ever said or done that would make them love you any less.They do not judge (they don't know how). They focus only on our potential and see only the divine light within us (as does God).Their purpose is to help us see the light within ourselves, fulfill our life purpose, and therefore bring us out of misery.THEY ARE LOVE IN ITS PUREST FORM

It doesn't matter whether you're a believer or a skeptic, because the angels ARE you...they are your inner light, and that light is always there, ready to shine through.At the very least, bring a sense of curiosity to your session - because curiosity signifies a willingness to be open to their messages, and even just a sliver of openness is enough to receive their messages.NOTE: if your goal is to challenge and refute the messages, please don't waste my time or your money.

Yes, please keep your religion if that's what feels good to you!Angels are non-denominational, meaning they work with any religious or spiritual path - so you don't need to change your views or beliefs to work with them.

The thing I love the most about working with angel tarot is that there are no bad cards!You may have seen some traditional tarot decks that depict dark and negative cards, but not these.The angels bring only loving information to the table, and while their answers may be bring up some deep emotions and inspire you to move in a courageous direction - the delivery of those answers will be gentle and kind.The goal is to open your mind to new and exciting opportunities, without fear!

I know it can seem that way. We're taught to be logical and realistic, especially with those important and potentially life-changing decisions.Let me ask you this: what do you have to lose? How much time and energy have you already spent stuck in your head, spinning in circles and getting nowhere?Plus, remember the angels represent your true Self, so the answers aren't coming from someone or something else - it's your inner truth speaking, and these sessions allow that truth to come forth!Working from your heart is sooo amazing and fulfilling! Plus, you don't have to DO anything (just yet) except FEEL the difference.I promise it's very refreshing and energizing, no matter how difficult your challenge - and from there we will move forward.

Working with angels will make you a better EVERYthing! Our doubts, fears, and confusion hold us back, crushing our confidence and therefore our ability to achieve.Whatever you're struggling with on land is affecting your performance in the ocean. Whether it's a relationship thing, or career thing...in fact, any 'thing' that holds space in your mind is a distraction, which subconsciously blocks your ability to be present in the moment.If you want to spend more time 'in the zone' (a.k.a winning heats), we need to bring those distractions to the surface of your mind so that we can address them, and let them go.

There is no refund policy. While these sessions will often give you the 'aha' moment you're looking for, oftentimes they will bring to light what you already know. The reality is, sometimes you simply need to hear your truth being spoken for you in order for you to acknowledge it (which will then inspire you to act on it). Affirmations are a blessing and you will FEEL its immense value.Things don't always make sense in the moment. You may hear something I say and be like; "I don't get that at all." Here's the thing: I always trust the information I'm getting, which means you can too.That 'aha' moment may not reveal itself to you right away, or in the way that you 'expect' it to. It could be revealing itself to you in smaller, more subtle ways. It may make complete sense tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Timing is everything, and you will get the most out of our sessions (and your hard earned money) if you trust the process, maintain your faith in the angels, and continue to work with them inbetween our sessions - and forever thereafter!

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