1:1 spiritual guidance

enhanced with angel tarot


Are you ready to move forward in a way that feels good? 

Life is a mystery of the unknown. It can feel beautiful and synchronistic one moment, then gut-wrenchingly chaotic the next.

Sometimes it's so hard to know what to do! 

I get it. But let's also consider this: everything you experience is a chain of connected information ~ all pointing you in the 'right' direction.

From love, career, to money related issues, my skills as a pro-athlete, with 15+ years of experience as a spiritual guidance counselor will help you turn confusion into clarity as we put some of those seemingly scattered pieces of your puzzle together.

Let's unlock your true potential ⎯ right here, right now.

How It Works:

up to 60 minutes via online call/video


  1. Prefer to chat in the a.m. with a cuppa? Great. An afternoon session on your couch? Love it!

  2. We'll get really clear on your situation and find out what’s really going on, along with what questions you need answered. 

  3. I'll pull some cards and intuitively share the sweet messages I receive from the Angels. We'll talk some more, perhaps pull another card or two...until the session feels complete and you've received the guidance you need, with first steps for moving forward. 

  4. Hang up the phone feeling lighter, clearer, and more at ease. Healing is happening, which marks the beginning of a positive shift! 


Single Session
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Why The Angels, You Ask?

I invite the angels in because they bring only loving and helpful messages to the table while gently pulling you out of any anxiety or doubt in the process.

My clients have found it to be a compelling compliment to my sessions, as the angels know exactly how to move us through your story in an amazing flow, which allows us to get to the root of the problem quickly and easily.

When you come to me with an open mind and an open heart ~ I know you'll love what they have to say! 

All you need to do is be you, and when we're done you'll know exactly what to do AND feel good about it too.