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I'm Tiffany, former professional freestyle kayaker turned surfer and FEELGOOD SPECIALIST.

Over the last 15 years I’ve been diligently cultivating my own personal practice for spiritual growth.

That practice has become a simple system I call; ‘Follow The Feelgood’®.

A few of my feelgood specialties (a.k.a the tools I use for spiritual growth) include:

  • talking to angels (including angel tarot)

  • mind training via A Course In Miracles & Vipassana Meditation

  • writing + performing: stories, poems, songs, and guided meditations

What is Follow The Feelgood®?

It began as a mantra, a simple phrase to help me make decisions in a way that ensured I was being honest with myself. It meant that before I'd say 'yes' to anything I'd first ask myself; 'does it feel good?'.

Don't let its simplicity fool you! This question has made a huge impact on my life and has taught me that it takes guts to stop and ask myself what I really want, acknowledge what that is and then ACT on it.

It turns out that Follow The Feelgood® is a journey...a transformative experience that will help you realize who you are so you can create a life you love.

My stories are proof that it works. Let it work for you too. 



These are some of my results:


Left my career as a professional athlete in the extreme sport of Whitewater Freestyle Kayaking. It had been feeling unfulfilling for quite a while already but I was still too attached to my image as a pro-athlete to let go. Plus, it seemed crazy to quit a dream career when I was at the top of my game - 3 Canadian Titles, 1 North American Title and a World Medalist! But eventually, the Universe stepped in and helped me to change direction. 


Recovered from heartbreak when my fiancé suddenly abandoned me after 7 years for another woman. This is when the real journey began because in my misery and confusion I couldn't help but question everything about the world and my place in it.

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Lost 40 pounds (after gaining 30lbs. post break-up) without altering my diet or exercise routine. It was a journey of forgiveness that went from holding on to letting go, which transformed my body in the process. 

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It's true. There's always an answer that will make not only your life better, but also the lives of anyone who may be affected by that answer. Unfortunately, society has trained us to believe the opposite - that when we're honest about what we want it'll hurt the people we love. So instead of honoring our Selves we hide our true feelings in order to protect them. This kind of mindset is insanely backwards and my goal is to liberate you from it. No more operating out of doubt, guilt, fear, worry, or obligation. No more misery! That's not love ~ but I'll show you what LOVE is. GET CLARITY NOW:


Moved to Hawaii from Canada and spent 4 years as Human Resources manager for over 100 people at a renowned retreat centre. It was here that I was introduced to: dancing, surfing, Vipassana meditation, magic mushrooms and the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles  - all wonderful tools that helped me to reinvent my life and discover my Self in the process. 


Met the man of my dreams one magical night on the dance floor of an electronic music festival. His name is Ken! Prior to leaving the house that evening I acknowledged that I was the most 'centered' I'd ever felt in my life. My post break-up healing journey was complete and I had come through the other side awakened, transformed, and empowered! I decided to make an intention for the night: to have fun and dance! 


Now I travel the world doing what I love: writing, surfing, and developing the feelgood formula so that I can share it with clarity and authenticity. I'm not perfect, but I'm doing my best. And the more I practice what I preach, the better my 'best' gets...that's how I know it works.